MOTIVE is on vacay. Basking in the veritable lap of luxury. Living that good life. Consequently, all new orders will ship beginning August 2. Meanwhile, feel free to stalk our FB and Insta feeds to see what we're up to! Cheers!

About Us

We're a different kind of coffee company. Wild as the Wyoming wind, according to some, and just as restless. It's just in our nature to be a little bit maverick.

That's why we conscientiously source coffees from around the world and roast them specifically to unlock the amazing variety of flavors and aromas found in coffee. Sometimes that means a lighter roast, sometimes darker. Either way, we strive to provide you with the beans for a full-bodied, flavorful cup of coffee every time. And, just maybe, a chance to discover a new morning favorite. 

Motive Coffee Company. Hand-roasted coffees to inspire the maverick in you. Let 'er buck.